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About Us

With one of the highest literacy rates in the world two-third of the USA and European population is ignorant about Islam and Muslims. Some Western “experts” have been studying Muslim cultures religion and history and presenting conclusions that are often biased inaccurate and even offensive. To make matter worst mainstream media has joined “experts” in wrongfully portraying Muslims as new enemy of the West. With Western political and economic incursions in the Muslim lands for resources and markets share reactions and counter-reactions from Muslim and Western extremists is further fueling the hatred and fear on both sides

Fortunately some of the Western scholars and writers are beginning to realize the unintended consequences of Western political and economic policies. Our goal is to cite work of those scholars in our research to achieve better understanding and equitable relations between Muslims and the West

Founded in Silicon Valley California in 2006 SRC is a non-profit non-partisan think tank organization conducting research in significant private and public issues. Our work is communicated through seminars policy programs conferences articles interviews newsletters and open debates.

SRC is largely funded by foundations memberships and by individuals. Our target audiences are policymakers scholars journalists businesses and the civil society

SRC is governed by a board consisting of entrepreneurs educators professionals and philanthropists. Our areas of studies include society economy governance and foreign policy

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide strategic analysis and policy solutions on economy social and political issues to decision makers in private and public sectors and educate the public on key issues

  • Promote timeless ideas and traditional human values of personal freedom justice private enterprise social welfare and representative governments

  • Advance a realistic and balanced understanding between West and the Muslims
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